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The ideal job awaits...Here's what's H-O-T
What's a Hotlist?


A Hotlist is an industry term.  Every recruiting agency and recruiter has one!  It's the list of the job opportunities that are of key importance to our clients and need to be filled as soon as possible.  

It's never a list of all of the opportunities, just the ones that keep our recruiters up at night trying to fill.

A hotlist may contain the hard-to-find skills that we're hoping to find the ideal candidate for, so some of the jobs on the list may look strange to you, but don't think that's all that's there.

We have other clients, roles, and opportunities that aren't on the hotlist for other reasons, (including confidentiality).  If you fit one of these roles, CONTACT US NOW, but even if you don't, please reach out so we can learn about you and your skills and help you find your ideal opportunity.

Hotlists change frequently so stop back, or contact us so we can find you!

Here's What's Hot!
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