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The ideal candidate awaits...let us find them for you.


Integral Recruiting Services delivers all of the services that you need to find the talent and develop your team.


Our team can find excellent candidates for IT, Engineering, Sales/Marketing, Customer Service/Help Desk, Administrative Support, Accounting/Billing/Accounts Receivable, General Labor, and more!  

We offer candidates for direct placement, contract-to-hire, temporary roles, and can do retained searches.  Better yet, we can work with you to create a customized talent acquisition partnership. If you need a full-time person or someone for a project, we can locate and support that need for you; all the while pro-actively marketing your brand and your company as a great place to work via our recruiting as a service offering.  And check out our other employer services designed to help you bring on the best talent.


Let us train your HR team to better work with hiring managers to create job descriptions that use the right keywords to help candidates find your postings.  We also will work with hiring managers to fine-tune a job description.  Many times a hiring manager uses words that say one thing, but seek a candidate with other skills.  Our strategies help to minimize the number of candidates that are presented that aren't really what the hiring manager wants.  



What differentiates us from other names in the industry?


Metrics.  We don't use them! We don't drive recruiters to make x calls and contact y bodies to make z submittals.

We submit only quality candidates that we truly believe are a good fit for your job opening, and we will explain why.

Most of our candidates are not sourced from job boards-unlike everyone else.  Knowing the local markets, our senior recruiters have decades of experience and know thousands of candidates that they've worked with or followed for years.  It's true:  Our recruiters follow candidates' careers and nurture relationships and build a trust that allows us to find people you just won't be able to find.


Building relationships lets us succeed in finding the passive candidate that will listen to your branding story and give you the chance to win them over.  We really aren't like any other recruiting company and would love to tell you more about why.



The success of your team, department, or company is dependent upon the people on your team.  A strong group that work synergistically as a high performance team can not be stopped.  Speed is essential to success.


Your job req means that there is a return on investment (ROI) for adding or filling that role.  Each day that the position isn't filled, that ROI is minimized and the company loses money or opportunity. 


Our recruiters have worked (really had jobs) in some of the same roles that your hiring manager needs.  When we work with your hiring manager to scope the position, you'll know that we understand the need and will deliver quality candidates that fulfil that need.  Using our experience and expertise will yield a better result and faster ROI.

Check it out...

"I have worked with Gina and Integral Recruiting Services in several organizations and she has consistently been able to find quality candidates that meet our requirements.  I’d recommend Gina and team to help with any company's recruiting needs."  --JP Drevline