We take the burden out of recruiting by using us when you need help!
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"By Request" recruiting, on demand, meets your needs as they occur and puts you in control of the time and effort that you want us to expend at a cost that is very favorable and with less disruption to your HR team!


Integral Recruiting Services has the talent and tools that you need to deliver the candidates that your hiring managers are anxious to bring on-board.  We bring the key resources to the table so that you get the benefit of top tools without needing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on tools and contingent placement fees. Our resources include local and national job boards, the #1 recruiting tool, the large personal referral network cultivated over decades by our senior recruiters, an ATS to manage our candidate pool, and a cloud-based IT infrastructure that permits us to be more agile than most other companies.

We don't waste your time.  We provide only top quality candidates that we fully expect you'll want to interview.  You won't feel frustrated that the candidate doesn't understand the job or company because we've talked with them about your company and the specifics of the role, saving you time and establishing a good relationship from the start.  

As full-service organization we can also provide contract-to-hire candidates, temporary staffing with no minimum hour requirements, background checks, credit checks, drug screens, education verification, payrolling, and whatever you need us to do so you can focus on your business.



First we seek to get to know you:  Your company, HR team, hiring managers, culture and how you position your brand are all key to finding quality candidates that are interested in your role.  

Collaboration is key to success in almost any industry today, but never more so than acquiring the best talent.  We use a variety of state-of-the-art collaboration tools to work with your organization and recruit candidates.  We further demonstrate collaboration with a "have it your way" approach that puts our clients first and illustrates our commitment as a partner rather than a vendor.  

We were founded to be scalable and understand that most organizations have unpredictable hiring needs, which is exactly why we offer this service!  We can deploy as many or as few resources as you need to meet your time-to-fill goals.

When you need to hire someone, call on us to do your recruiting.


Recruiting is hard work and takes away from your organization's mission, but unfilled openings detract from your success.  We're experienced, professional recruiters available when you need them to assure your success!


You know the recruiting process is a long and tedious one taking you away from everything else you have to do.  Don't dread the process of finding the right candidate to fill your next open position. Have you ever wished you could just snap your fingers and get it done?  Well, now you can just tap your fingers on your phone or keyboard and let us take the pain out of finding the perfect fit for your job openings.


​When you let us do your recruiting, your HR team can focus on all of the other aspects of the department that demand attention while our recruiting team works under your guidance, as much or as little as you need to find quality candidates, all the while representing your company, culture and brand.

Check it out...

I hadn’t thought of using outside help to find office staff and hard-to-find trades people, but after meeting Gina and the Integral recruiting team, I’m delighted at the high quality and great value that I’ve received.  – Nick Sannes, President

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